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Hortus USA Corp. is a primary manufacturer of plant rooting products. Our company the exclusive US importer and US EPA registrant of plant rooting products from Rhizopon b.v. of Holland. Using the combined resources of Hortus USA and Rhizopon b.v. our products have international technical support. Our products are shipped to every country where plant growers propagate new plants from cuttings. Research on new and improved rooting techniques are performed in our state of the art US and Dutch research facilities in coordination with the world's largest plant growers.

Rhizopon b.v. is the world's largest and oldest company solely devoted to the manufacture and research of plant rooting hormones. Rhizopon b.v. was established in 1939 by the first scientists who developed commercial plant rooting hormones. Through their extensive research Rhizopon has developed the most used plant rooting products and techniques.

Rhizopon AA and Hortus IBA Water Soluble Salts are produced in Holland. Production lots are tested by Independent European Certified Laboratories for quality and effectiveness. Top quality is assured for products you buy today and tomorrow. Hortus USA and Rhizopon b.v. are committed to provide you with the World's Finest Plant Rooting Products.

Hortus USA Corp. (USA)

  http://www.rooting-hormones.com (In English)

Rhizopon b.v. (Holland)

  http://www.rhizopon.com (In Dutch and English)

For sales and service:

Hortus USA Corp.
support @ hortus. com

or Master Distributor
Phytotronics Inc.
Phone: (USA) 314-770-0717


European growers please contact for sales and service:

  Rhizopon b.v.
Hazerswoude, Holland (the Netherlands)
Phone: (Holland) 31 (0) 71-341-5146 


For Distributor ordering or referral contact Master Distributor: Phytotronics, 314-770-0717, phytotronics.com   sales@phytotronics.com

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